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Titi Leather Crafting

Unique dreams coming true - from leather

Art – made out of leather

For unique people with unique desires

I make unique leather items which you enjoy while using them. For many years.

Wearing it gives you pleasure every time. They’re durable, practical, and made for unique requests or in small series.

Works of art completely made for you, tailored for your dream and need, crowned with leather craftmanship.

This is the place for dreaming and creating.

Let yourself have it


You wanted it for a long time, they don’t produce it anymore, you were looking for it everywhere, but never found it. It’s a recurring dream, you collected pictures, colors, forms about it.

You have a unique size knife, you are looking for a case for your dry stamp, or for your change in the car, so they’re not all over the place.

Let yourself have it, so finally you have something long lasting, that you’re gonna be still happy about having  it after 5 years.

Give a present that makes them smile


Surprise someone with a unique leather craft, that you know it’s gonna be important for.

So you’re guaranteed to know the person well, and the energy and effort of planning the right gift will be appreciated.


I’ll do the rest of it!

Prestige - business present


You know the impact of anything that’s made out of leather.

In addition, you give something that’s not just very elegant and likeable by any partners, but you customize it so well that they are not going to give it away.

Classic & Modern

This is not a classic traditionalist leather crafter’s site.

However, I use traditional techniques (not motifs!) when I know that it will make the item prettier, more durable or it would add more value to it.

Altough, I also use modern techniques, when it makes more sense to use it, because nowdays we have many better options to have better results.

It is all about ratio and combination of classic values with modern needs and style.

Seek – Find – Solve

I love my profession and what I’m doing. That’s the reason I’m always looking for ways to do it better. Not only mastering my knowledge, but I always improve my workshop as well.

I meet and share experiences with the best professionals who think the same.


You would think that leather is leather. But it has it’s own ways and qualities as well. You can be sure that I’m not going to use weak quality materials, not even at parts where nobody will see it.

I’m continuously looking for the better options, and if you pick a material, which is not the most adequate to craft a certain item, then I’m going to talk you out of it. If you let yourself.

Sneak peek

Few picks from the Gallery.

Custom order – get in contact with me

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