Measurement Guide
Guide for measuring your wrist and choosing the right size bracelet

 What is the situation?


You can take measurements of your ankle, or of the one you want to give the gift to.


You can’t take exact measurements, but you have a bracelet/watch which you can take measurements of.




You can’t take measurements and there is nothing you could take the measurements from.

 Where to measure your wrist?

Find the point above the wrist joint, the ends of the spindle and sing bone, measure here. (If you bend your wrists, the point that does NOT bend yet)

 Version A – methods of measuring

You have a tape measure: Wrap the tape measure around the specified location on your wrist so that it just touches the metallic end of the centimeter. This is your exact size. A slightly larger size is comfortable. Extend the centimeter a few millimeters further where you feel you would be comfortable and choose a bracelet based on this measurement!

You don’t have a measuring tape: Instead of measuring tape any kind of twine, tying tape is suitable. Just like with the tape, wrap the cord around your wrist, modeling how much bigger you would feel comfortable with. Here, mark / pinch the twine, then lay it next to a ruler to measure how many centimeters and millimeters long it is.


You don’t have measuring tape or any twine: Be creative. Anything can be used for taking measurements, what is not too thick (above a certain thickness, the thickness of the material also makes a significant difference to the size!), such as a sheet of paper. Wrap this around your wrist, then measure the length with a ruler.

Version B – you can measure something she usually wears on her wrist

You have a watch/bracelet you can use for taking measurements: Be careful! It is not certain that if you quickly open the bracelet and measure it’s length laid out, it will be the exact size, as the thickness of the material plays a role in the inner circumference of the bracelet! You better close the bracelet/watch and measure the inside circumference with a tape or twine. By this you probably get the size which is the comfortable size for the person to wear.

 Version C – you have no idea about her wrist size and there is nothing to take measurements from

Invite the person to a concert or any event where you get wristbands and when he takes off the paper armband, steal it and take measurements. 🙂

If you trust your eyes, take a chance to grab her wrist. Grab her wrist between your thumb and forefinger and observe how the ends of your fingers touch. Not at all? How many centimeters/millimeters is the distance about? Do they touch too much? Notice from which finger knuckle how much, and then measure.

It is too much hussle for you? Take a guess, I help you. For very fragile women (what do I count as fragile? For example me, take a look at the photos) size 15cm is usually good. The normal female size is rather 17cm. For men, size 15cm would be rather s child’s wrist. Size 17cm is for men with a slimmer physique.

Got the size?

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