Did you know? Most of the day you are ruled by your habits.

Luckily you have the power to change them.

It takes decision, persistence, regularity and a good method!

Bad & Good news

You keep repeating bad habits besides your good ones, because of picking them up unconsciously. What if you changed or replaced them with better ones?

Good news! Keep practicing a small bit of something new and it becomes your habit. Do it on purpose and it will become as natural as washing your teeth in the morning.

I have invented a unique, handmade, leather  jewelry to help you on this many times rough road.

These are the  21Days bracelets.

Bracelets which help you widen your comfort zone, become and stay mentally strong & devoted to your goal.

Sounds like an exciting accessory, doesn’t it?


Ritual and Concentration.

You need to develop the new habit as a ritual and need to concentrate only on the next step. The step which you have to take to get to the next level. And this is the hardest part. As you  need to stay motivated and focused every day.


Jeden Tag.

Todos los días.

If you can concentrate and have a strong enough goal, you can achieve anything. This is what 21Days challenge bracelets help you at.


I have designed the bracelets in such way that while they are stylish accessories of your outfit, you can mark where you are at your 21 days challenge.


Push a pearl, move a stud or even a magnet on your bracelet to record where you are out of the 21 days.

It is always on your wrist, you have no chance to forget that from now on you drink 1,5l water a day! No need to worry about when you exactly started your challenge and what day is it today. You just simply see how long you have been working out each morning. It is „written” on your wrist all the time.

And this is motivating. You see how many times you have been strong and did not eat after 6 in the evening. It is always there and reminds you that you have promised something to yourself. 

Who would want to screw up their already achieved results?

Sow and harvest, my friend.

21Days bracelets tailored for your personality



Everything is okay. Peace. It’s also nice to progress.

Rasta colors: yellow, green, red

3 ankle sizes

Narrow model

Simple and colorful



Take it easy. You are Cool. Handle with ease.

Brown, black, green, red

3 ankle sizes

Narrow and wide models

COOL progress



Calm strength. Firm vibe for powerful people.

 METAL body, 3 colors

3 ankle sizes

Narrow model

For strong men & women 

Why 21?

Psychology of 21 days

In the 50’s, Dr. Maxwell Maltz have noticed that it took about 21 days for his patients to get used to their new look after their surgery. Began to monitor the cases and later carried out researches which became public in his book called Psycho-Cybernetics.

Based on this theory, Brian Tracy (America’s top leading motivator, coach) developed a new system, desiged especially for breaking & rebuilding new habits. According to it if you practice a task of medium complexity, consecutive 21 days, it becomes a routine, therefore a new habit develops. The best part of it is that with this method you can skip many pitfalls and can reach tangible results easily. You get closer and closer to your dream, main goal step by step. A picture is made up with thousands of small pixels, so as changes in your life. And this is the key to your dreams. Small but active steps every day.

I am Kata Bartyik

Founder of 21Days bracelets

Comfort zone expander & leather crafter

I have been in my highly uncomfortable hamster wheel of life for 26 years, when I received an incurable disease on top of all.

I have decided to change my lifestlye. I had to build new habits, there was no other way to go. Had to leave behind the ones which did not serve the new direction. This lasts since that. Because it is a progress.

What matters, is that you make steps every day. This is what 21Days bracelets help you and me at. Staying focused on the road and working continuously.

Globally unique, handcrafted 21Days bracelet

Motivational jewellery made out of leather

Helps you become and stay focused
Gives you power in your weaker moments
Makes you strengthen your decision again and again
You will always know where you are exactly out of the 21days
It is always on your ankle. The Goal is in front of your eyes all the time
Always shows where you are on the road (read more exactly how!)
By putting it on every morning you can't escape setting your mind on The Road and your decision

Putting on the 21Days bracelet 

The bracelets won’t serve it’s purpose if you don’t know how to use them.

When you unwrap your bracelet, your thoughts probably go back and forth about what you want to change in your life. Suddenly you don’t even know which one to start with.

Don’t worry, I got you. You’re gonna get a Psychology Guide as a gift , so you read about the system and the steps you need to follow. With that, you can begin to understand how you are going to make the change happen in your life, and grasp the essence of building habits.

Why should you start building new habits with the 21Days bracelets?


Your goal is always in front of your eyes

You always know where you are at out of the 21 days

Strengthens you in your weaker moments

Keeps your focus where you want it to be

You can make unlimited dreams to come true

You are wearing excellent quality leather jewelry

Handcrafted in Germany

Interesting and cool accessory for you outfit

Can make it even more unique, if you wish

Do you need more?


Check out what extras you get for free! 


Whichever bracelet you choose, you get an excellent quality, precisely handcrafted piece of art.

And the followings as a GIFT:


Comfort. After your money transfer you receive the confirmation and soon your bracelet without stepping out of your home.

Stylish packaging, if you wish it can already be put next to the birthday cake or given right away to the celebrated one!


Exact Psychology Guide about how to get started at changing your habits. How to persist and how to use your bracelet so you achieve your goal.

Membership at Break Your Habits – 21 days bracelets closed group, where you can talk to people sharing similar problems, thoughts. You can get inspiration, upkeep your strength. You are not alone!

And if it wouldn’t be enough, with each bracelet you get a special card, which you only need to add a name and few words if you are giving it to someone as a gift.

Is it a gift for yourself ? Let me know and I will make sure that it will be a great gift from yourself to yourself. 😉


Hurry up!

My capacity is limited.

Since all the bracelets are handcrafted in my small manufacure by me and I have only 24 hours a day, I can take limited amount of orders at a given time.

Place your order on time to make sure your bracelet is on your ankle at the first day of your new challenge!

Hurry up!

My capacity is limited.

Since all the bracelets are handcrafted in my small manufacure by me and I have only 24 hours a day, I can take limited amount of orders at a given time.

Place your order on time to make sure your bracelet is on your ankle at the first day of your new challenge!

Have questions? – Ask me about it.

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